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I thought if you were reading this blog then you might want to know a little bit about me. I'm Chloe, I'm 22 and I live by the seaside in Essex... Don't think of the stereotype because we are not all like that I promise. Although like most Essex girls I do love anything to do with fashion and beauty.

I needed a hobby to do in my spare time and the gym was not enjoyable enough so I thought I would start this blog as my own little alter ego. It's my space to share my life and views with you, with some outfits and nailart chucked in along the way. 

I have met some amazing people already and I love the blogging world way better than the real world. I don't post on here everyday so if you would like to follow my adventures more closely then check out my Twitter page https://twitter.com/closbeautyspot. Watch out for all the random tweets though hehe.

Love you guys so much

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Chloe x 

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