Saturday, 28 March 2015

Yoso Heated Eyelash Curler

I am sure that everyone loves an eyelash curler, it is something so simple but can make a complete change to your look. However let me introduce you to a whole new level, the Yoso Heater Lash Curler*. When I first heard about this I was dying to give it a try as I have very straight lashes, so using a normal curler doesn't last very long. Here is how I got on. £15.99
The Yoso heater eyelash curler looks very simple and easy to use, however I wanted to be very careful as putting a hot object near your eyes seems quite dangerous. Beauty Crowd have put a tutorial on their YouTube channel showing how to use it which was very helpful. First of all you turn the device on and wait a minute for it to heat up, there is a little indicator which shows you when its ready. The Yoso curler has a hot side which you use to curl your lashes upwards. There is also a smaller part on the top which gets hot so you can reach the smaller lashes nearer the lid. Once you have done this you apply a layer of mascara, curl them again and use the comb on the other side to separate the lashes.
 I know that a lot of people have problems with curling their lashes with a manual curler or mascara. I have very straight lashes but they do hold a curl, not the best but it's nothing to complain about. However if you find that your lashes just don't hold a curl this product might be something you want to try. 
In my opinion using the Yoso lash curler is not as simple as using a normal curler and does add on about 5 minutes to your make up routine. Therefore I would only use it for a special occasion when I need to make more of an effort and I want my lash curl to last all night. The results were very good, it gave my lashes a nice curl which lasted all day. I like the idea of the product, it is very different and innovative but I don't think the heat is good to use everyday. As heat can damage the hair on your head I am sure it can damage eyelashes too but it makes a nice change every once and a while. I do also think it is very good value for money and definitely won't break the bank so is a great addition to your dressing table if you have stubborn lashes. 

Check out the Yoso curler and other products from Beauty Crowd here.

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Chloe x

P.S. Would you buy this heated eyelash curler or are you happy with a manual one? 

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  1. If I'm honest, ever since I wore away my trusty No7 ones I haven't curled my lashes in ages! You always hear the stories of some girl jolting and pulling her eyelashes out, eek! This actually looks like it will be a lot safer as there isn't a clamp or anything! I'd love to see a before and after picture :) cottonandcandie xx

    1. They are very easy to use and you have no chance of pulling any out, just be careful not to use too much heat. I shall post a before and after photo on my instagram soon, it's x