Thursday, 19 March 2015

Sunkissed Rapid One Hour Tan Mousse

I was so excited to received an email from Sunkissed asking whether I wanted to try out their brand new Rapid Tan Mousse* as they are my favourite fake tan brand ever! I love their original tanning mouse and I have been waiting for them to bring out a hour one tan for ages now. So here is how I got on.
Sunkissed rapid tan £4.99
No Tan (daylight no flash) 
After tan application (daylight no flash)
After 1 hour development (flash) 
After 4 hours development (flash)
Tan line
I received the tan in their medium shade. Sunkissed rapid tan promises to develop in 1 hour which is super quick for a fake tan and the longer you leave it before showering, the darker it goes. First impressions were that the colour is perfect for me when applied, smells really good like their original tan and the colour developed well in the hour. I did leave it for 4 hours and then showered it off, the tan washed off evenly and doesn't look streaky one bit.
After shower
Please bare in mind that the photo's above were taken at night therefore I had to use flash. In my opinion this makes the tan look a lot darker and more orange than it actually is. I took another photo, see below, to show what the tan looks like the next morning in daylight.

I would say that it did give me a really nice healthy bronzed look however I love a really dark tan and kind of preferred the colour I was before I washed it off, which was very dark (I guess that's the Essex in me). I think I would definitely buy this tan again as I love the convenience of it but I would purchase the dark tan as the medium tan is probably better for very pale people. I think this is the perfect product if you are going out and in a rush, you don't want to go out looking pale but need a quick fake tan which leaves a nice colour. 
The next day (daylight no flash)
Before and after tan (both daylight no flash)
Sunkissed tans are so easy to apply with a mit, smell great and are very cheap! Both the original and 1 hour are brilliant value for money and I cannot wait to purchase the darker shade! Check out the range here

Lots of love

Chloe x 

P.S. Are you a lover of fake tan or is it too much effort? 

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  1. I've been trying this tan out this week and like you I would opt for the darker tan in the future xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. I love a dark tan, it's definitely the way to go! x

  2. I love the look of this Chloe! I love my fake tan too, will definitely be giving it a try :) Have you tried Lauren's way darker than dark mousse? That's my ultimate fave xxx

    1. It's a great product, so much easier than leaving it all night to develop. Ohh no I haven't I will have to give it a go as I love a dark tan! x