Monday, 16 March 2015

Sleek Hair Couture One Piece Clip-In

As you may have seen over the past few weeks I am trying to find the perfect extensions for my hair. Ever since I have been dying it blonde it has lacked thickness and just doesn't look very full anymore. I love being blonde so instead of going back to my natural hair colour, I have tried out a few different extensions to give my hair back it's magic. My most latest find has been a One Piece clip-in weft from Sleek*. Shade 613 £19.99
Now I am just going to quickly note that unfornately this doesn't match my hair, the shade is fine however the tone is a bit too yellow. I have yet to tone it down but I am sure it is easily done with purple shampoo. However I will be reviewing it for you anyways as I think it is a great product. As it is just one simple weft it makes applying and wearing extensions a lot easier but still adds fullness. This hair extension has 4 wefts in one, all attached neatly together with no bumps but firm clips. There is a lot of hair on this extension but it doesn't feel big, bulky or heavy. I did wear it around the house and it stays in all day, adds a lot of hair and doesn't full out. 
One down side is that the hair is artificial so doesn't look as good as real hair but I don't think anyone could ever tell the difference once it's blended in and it's great value for the price. Remy hair would cost a hell of a lot more, so you can't really go wrong for £20. I think this one piece weft is a brilliant quick fix of lack of volume for a night out or special occasion, the style is gorgeous and really adds a lot of glamour to boring hair. I cannot wait until this matches my hair and I can start wearing it as it's so easy! 
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Chloe x

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  1. This is going to look brilliant once the tone is more suited to your hair! I got something similar to this for my wedding as my hair was much shorter than & it made all the difference to being able to achieve the up-do I wanted! Xx

    Tania |

    1. Bet it look gorgeous on you! They are so easy to apply x