Thursday, 5 March 2015

Schwarzkopf got2b Mind Blowing

A few weeks ago I was picked to be a VIP Tester for Schwarzkopf where I get to try out new products to review. I was incredibly happy to be chosen as I use their styling and colouring products all the time, and I believe they are one of the best high street hair brands out there. I was sent their xpress dry styling spray*, fast dry hairspray* and quick shape mousse* from Schwarzkopf's brand new Mind Blowing range which are meant to speed up tiresome blow drying time.
The first product is the styling spray which I really like, it doesn't knock loads of time off blow drying but I would say it was definitely quicker. I love how it is also a heat protestant and a detangler as well, this means you are only spraying on one product and not laying them up which can create product build up. It seems to protect well but obviously this is hard to tell, my hair is normally very tangled when wet and this spray really did sort that out so it was easy to brush through. £4.05
I am not sure how the mousse and hairspray are meant to speed up blow drying time but I do like them anyways. The moose is a good formula, very similar to most other mouses I've used. It helps to create curls/waves which hold and last, its not overly sticky and spreads well throughout the hair. It also offers heat protection and a flexible hold which is an added bonus. £4.05
The hair spray formula is again similar to most however it is more of the spray diffuser which is different. It's meant to disperse better out of the can and more evenly which I agree it does. When spraying, a nice thin coat comes out which means that hair isn't overloaded with hairspray and doesn't feel crispy. The hairspray drys quickly, the hold feels light but even and it lasts all day. This isn't a strong hair spray so if your looking to hold your updo in place so it doesn't move this isn't the right product. However it does provide a nice natural hold so is more suited for holding curls or hair-down styles. £4.05
Here is how I use the products:

1. After I towel dry my hair I spray on the styling spray and brush through.
 2. Once my hair is tangle free I run some mousse through my hair
 3. I then french plait my hair and spray with hairspray, ready for bed!
 4. When I wake up I take out the french plait and I am left with gorgeous soft waves!
I really like all the Mind Blowing products compliment each other and work together to make drying your hair quicker and easier. They are available now in Boots and Superdrug.

Lots of love

Chloe x 

P.S. Do you have any tips to reduce blow drying time?

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  1. Your hair looks lovely wavy. I have to wash my hair most days so these products look right up my street!


    1. Thanks hun! Ooh yes these will definitely make your routine quicker x

  2. Drying my hair is one of my pet peeves as there's so much of it with my weave in, so these sound like must-trys for me. Your hair looks so pretty waved, I wish I could actually do a plait that neat! :)

    Claire from Stylingo xx

    1. It's so difficult with long hair, especially drying extensions too! Thanks so much, it is so much easier to style when I put it in a plait, less heat and less frizz x