Monday, 2 March 2015

Hot Hair 3/4 Wig

Hot Hair* is a website that I have recently come across which sells glamorous hair piece's and wigs, helping you get an amazing new look. Whether you want hair like Angelina Jolie or Pixie Lott, Hot Hair has a product for you. They sent me their Brianna 3/4 Wig in Sandy Blonde which I couldn't wait to wear, one problem was that it doesn't match my hair colour. However I shall be reviewing this for you anyways as one day hopefully I shall be able to wear it. Currently £55.20 Usually £69
By all means I am no expert on hair pieces as this is my first however I do own a fair amount of hair extensions. First impressions on this one from Hot Hair is very thick, great quality and looks great. It's made from synthetic hair but doesn't look it at all and feels good as far as fake hair goes. It secures to your own hair well with 2 big slides which you push through your hair and 2 side clips. I was wearing it around the house for a while and it didn't feel loose at all nor did it feel like it was going to fall out. When brushing the hair piece it feels quite strong and barely any hair came out.

Having quite thick hair myself I don't think a hair piece is for me as it just sits onto of my own hair and the layers look a bit strange. But if you have thin hair and are looking for volume rather than length this is the product for you. It really give your natural hair a boost and looks very glam for a night out. This hair piece is perfect if you want to change up your style every now and then but are not looking for a permanent change. Hair pieces give you so much more freedom to change your hair, giving you the long locks you have always wanted or the high ponytail you never thought you could have. At the end of the day you can just take them off and not have to deal with the hassle of long hair. 
Hot Hair have loads of fantastic hair pieces including extensions, ponytails and buns. They have some really good discounts at the moment so check them all out here

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Chloe x

P.S. Are you a lover of a good hair piece for a night out? 

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