Sunday, 9 November 2014

BH Cosmetics Palettes

I was recently watching Carly Bybel use the new BH Cosmetics Wild Palettes in a video and I just knew I had to have them. But I didn't just buy one, they were all so pretty I just couldn't choose, so I bought all three (*face palm*). And as BH are so cheap and I had to make the shipping worth while, I also bought the extremely popular Galaxy Chic palette too (*face palm again*). So I now have enough baked eyeshadows to last me a very long time!

Wild Child £7.47

Galaxy Chic £9.34

All these shadows are so incredibly bright and pigmented. They are great quality and I didn't experience much fall out. I would highly recommend them to anyone as they are fantastic value for money (although I did have to pay £13 customs charges). I will do some individual posts of these palettes, including swatches soon.

Thanks for reading 

Chloe x 

P.S. Have you tried any of the BH palettes?

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