Friday, 15 August 2014

Sponsored Video| Dove Advanced Hair Series

Dove Advanced Hair Series* is a new hair care range by Dove tailored to different hair types. It is split in to three ranges offering expert care for your hair needs. The three ranges are: Youthful Vitality for aging hair, Oxygen Moisture for fine/flat hair, or Pure Care Dry Oil for dry/dull hair.

Here is a short introduction video

My hair is particularly dry from where I have dyed it a lot, therefore I would probably go for the Pure care dry oil range. This consists of a shampoo, condition, treatment mask, nourishing treatment oil and a restorative treatment oil. These products are infused with African Macadamia oil to deeply nourish your hair, leaving it five times more silkier. 

For more information about all the ranges check out the Dove hair care website.

These products can be purchased from Boots, SuperdrugTesco and Amazon

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  1. This sounds pretty nice girl! My hair gets really dry from coloring as well. I love how beautiful your blog looks now. Im going to add your new button to mine as soon as I get a chance! Love u honey!!!! :)

    1. It's so annoying cos I love being blonde but I am not sure the damage is worth it anymore. Aww thank you hun, I'll add yours too when I get a chance x

  2. Because I have dry hair I would probably go for the same one as you. Dying my hair blonde has played havoc with the condition of my hair Lucy x

    1. I am exactly the same, I am really tempted to dye it back to brown but I love being blonde so much x