Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ipanema Flip Flops

An obvious staple this summer, like every summer, is flip flops. Easy to throw on and comfy to walk in. Most people would think they were all the same, and so did I, until I received these from Ipanema*. 

Ipanema flip flops £18
These flip flops have to be the comfiest pair of flip flops ever. Having been wearing completely flat jelly flip flops all summer long (which I didn't think were uncomfortable) to wearing these Ipanema ones, they feel like cushions on my feet. They are extremely supportive in all the right areas and have a good level of 'squishyness' so that are not too hard on your feet. This makes walking a lot more comfortable, as we all know that flip flops are never the best for long distances. I also like the slight patterned detail on the actual flip flop as they feel like they will last a long time and not indent with the shape of your foot like a lot of flip flops tend to do. To be honest I don't really have much to compare them to as I have only really bought the cheap foamy kind of flip flops. I know that Havaianas look quite similar so I assume they probably feel the same, but don't hold me to that.
Ipanema flip flops
Ipanema flip flops
I wouldn't normally buy too many pairs of flip flops as they are all quite similar and aren't the most glamorous of shoes. However this brown/bronze pair look quite subtle which I like as the colour will go with most others. I love the bronze/gold detailing as it adds a nice elegant touch, just to glam things up a little bit. They make the flip flops look a bit less casual which is nice for the evenings on holiday, as you don't want to look like you have just stumbled from the pool to the restaurant. 
Ipanema flip flops
I know everyone hates feet SORRY! 
If your looking for a good quality flip flop before you head off on holiday (JEALOUS) then I would definitely check these out, as these are a must for me this summer. They come in so many different styles and patterns so you are bound to find one that takes your fancy. Plus they have a massive sale on at the moment so check out their website

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P.S. Do you love or hate flip flops? 

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  1. So cute flip flops ;)