Sunday, 13 April 2014

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

A couple of months ago I won the Smashbox Full exposure palette in a competition that Marie Clare were running on Twitter. I had heard amazing things about this palette so I was so excited when I heard that I won. Its has 14 neutral shades, 7 shimmers and 7 mattes, ranging from dark browns, to cream to black. £36.00

This palette does retail for £36 which is close to the Urban Decay palettes. In my opinion this is quite expensive but these palettes are incredibly pigmented and well made, and they will also last a very long time. It also comes with a very good brush with a flat eyeshadow applicator brush on one side and a fluffy crease blending brush on the other. I love that it has a really bigger mirror so you can take it around everywhere with you can apply it. It has strong hard packaging with a flip lid which closes using a magnet. So of course it is worth the price, I am just used to high street prices and don't like to spend too much money on make up palettes, unless I'm feeling like treating myself. 

The shades are in the Full Exposure palette are extremely pigmented and easy to apply. It starts off on the left with a dark chocolate brown, gradually getting lighter through golden browns to a shimmery cream and matte white, then going up to a taupe brown, then a more dirty dark brown and finally into black and a shimmery grey. Each of the shimmer shades have large glitter particles in so look very noticeable on the eyes and really hit the light. This palette is perfect for smokey eyes. I normally use a few light matte shades during the day and add the darker shades and shimmers for the night. It is so incredible versatile as you can get loads of different looks out of it and is a brilliant all rounder.

I am so happy I won this Smashbox palette as I probably wouldn't have purchased it for ages. It is such a wonderful product and so worth the money, so if your looking to treat yourself or add stuff to a birthday list then I would recommend this palette. 

This palette can be purchased from the Smashbox website, most drugstores, department stores or online.

Lots of love

Chloe x 

P.S. This palette was featured in my 2014 favourites so far video. Check it out here 


  1. These colors look so pretty but they are quite similar to UDs Naked and at least for me there's not enough difference in the colors to justify spending that much on another palette... I so wish I could! :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. They are extremely similar, its a lot of money to spend if you already have a neutrals palette. Maybe you can justify the purchase once you have hit pan on the UD one x

  2. Really like the look of this, they are great for holidays too!

    1. Yes so easy to carry around and you can create loads of different looks x