Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Celebrity Skin Clarifying Skin Polish

I recently received this Clarifying Skin Polish from Celebrity Skin*, which is a 2 in 1 cleanser and scrub, while moisturing this skin as well. Its basically your night time skin care routine in a bottle. I have never heard of Celebrity Skin but I was happy to hear they are a natural organic skincare company which is always a bonus, so I was very excited to try this product.

£18.00 www.celebrity-skin.co.uk/celebrity-skin-clarifying-skin-polish
I used this product as more of an exfoliant than a cleanser so I took my make up off first and then used it. The actual liquid part of it is very creamy and gentle. The exfoliating particles are quite large and rough, I would say the same consistency as sand. This can be quite harsh but I like a harsh exfoliator because I can feel it getting rid of all the dead skin. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn't use it or I would use a little bit and not rub too hard. Also the particles don't dissolve so they are a bit annoying to wash off your face but I would say its a good sacrifice to make considering how my face felt afterwards.  

After washing off this product my face immediately felt soft and smooth. It felt like a whole layer of bad skin had come off and I had a new face. Honest to god it felt amazing like a babies skin! It felt great the next day still and my make up applied easily, like a clean canvas. For me personally I wouldn't use it daily, as it is very exfoliating, I have only been using it once or twice a week. However if you wanted that baby soft skin feeling constantly you could probably use this product every other day if your skin is quite durable of course. The clarifying skin polish is quite pricey at £18 as it is a high end product which I don't normally go for. However you don't need to use a lot so I think this bottle would definitely last over 6 months. 

Celebrity skin is an up and coming company, selling advanced skin care and mineral make up. They have an absolutely massive range of products for all skin types so do check them out if your looking to add some amazing new items to your skincare routine. There is also a moisturiser, eye cream and serum in this range which you can use with the above scrub. 

If you want to purchase this product then you can do so on the Celebrity Skin website here www.celebrity-skin.co.uk or find them on Twitter twitter.com/celebrityskinuk

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Chloe x 

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  1. Great post! I have really sensitive skin and use the soap and glory skin care range and it's great!
    Rachel XX

    1. I have been meaning to buy loads of stuff from the soap and glory range for ages but have never got round to it. Really want to try it though, heard they are really nice x

  2. Sounds like a great product, and I loved your review! Beautiful photos by the way! Thanks for visiting my blog dear, I'm your newest follower :)


    xo Jess

  3. I love it when your skin feels all fresh and fabulous after a scrub!


    1. It feels amazing doesn't it. I just want everyone to touch it lol x