Monday, 31 March 2014

Avene Eau Thermale Soothing Hydrating Serum

I have been trying out the soothing hydrating serum by Avene* for the past 2 weeks and it is now a prominent part of my daily skin care routine. Avene is a popular French skin care company, this is the first product I have tried by them and definitely not the last. £17 
I have used this serum morning and night every single day, after cleansing and before moisturising. It smooths out skin, leaving a fresh dewy complexion and a soft base for make up. I felt that it really hydrated my skin deep down, not just on the top layers like moisuriser does, and this feeling lasted all day long. My skin has never felt so soft and looked so even. I have never normally bothered with serums but it spreads on easily and drys instantly, so is a quick and easy step in your routine. 

I love the frosted glass look to this bottle and you only need about one or two pumps for your whole face so it should last a long time. It looks and feels like an expensive product so I was surprised to find out it was only £17. You may think this is still a bit pricey but most serums in the drugstore are around £10 so I think it's definitely worth paying that tiny bit extra. 

For the past 6 months my skin is in the best condition it has ever been. I have been using different products so I am not 100% sure what has and hasn't contributed. But I am sure that this product makes my skin feel absolutely amazing so I will definitely be sticking to it and buying it again. 

You can purchase this product from Escentual, they currently have a French Pharmacy product sale on at the moment so this product is only £12.75. But hurry because this ends midnight tonight!

Lots of love

Chloe x 

P.S. I will do a skin care post in the future when I actually figure out what products have cleared up my skin so look out for that. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Boots 3 for 2

I think everyone heard that Boots were doing their famous 3 for 2 on cosmetics deal again, so after much consideration I decided to take advantage of this and buy myself a few treats. I went for the Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin foundation, Revlon Skinlights Face illuminator and Maybelline Brow Drama mascara as I had been lusting after these products for ages. 

Maybelline Brow Drama sculpting mascara- Medium Brown
I have tried this product a few times since I bought it and I absolutely love it. I have mostly worn it on its own when I just can't be bothered to fill in my brows. It adds a tiny hint of colour and keeps them in place all day. It looks completely natural and is so easy to use. As it doesn't add the effect of full brows you might want to fill them in first and then use this after to set them. However if you are in a hurry its a great quick fix for that no make up make up look. 

Slightly blended
Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin foundation - 030 Sand
My favourite full coverage drugstore foundation is the Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour, so when the Better Skin version came out I was excited to give it a try. It promises more even skin tone instantly and better looking skin in 3 weeks as it has an energising vitamin formula and SPF 20. I have only used this for about a week and so far so good. Its a brilliant medium/full coverage foundation, smooths on easily and lasts all day. The shade I picked is a tiny bit dark but a thin coat looks fine on my face, especially when I have applied fake tan first. I will definitely be using this foundation loads, I have no complaints and I would compare it to Mac's Studio Fix Fluid. 

Slightly blended
Fully blended
Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator - 200 Pink Light
This product can be used as a highlighter along the points you wish to highlight or mixed in with foundation for a full face illuminator. It is a beautiful baby pink colour and looks stunning along the tops of your cheekbones. As it is quite shimmery you only need a tiny amount, it is very liquidy so is easy to apply and blend into the skin. When mixed into a matte foundation it really does add a fairy like dewy look, which subtly illuminates the face. I really like this product and is a nice change from powder and cream highlighters. 

Slightly blended
Fully blended
I will do a post of me wearing these products on my face soon so look out for that.

Thanks for reading

Chloe x 

P.S. I would love to know what you have bought in the Boots 3 for 2 sale? 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo | Pink Gold

Its no secret that I love rose gold. Therefore when I saw this Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Superdrug, in the shade Pink Gold, I just knew I had to have it. I guess what... It didn't disappoint. 

I am a big fan the Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo's as they make a great base for eye shadow. As they are so versatile it can be worn everyday or on a night out. Wear on its own with just eyeliner and mascara for a fast make up look during the day. They can also be a brilliant starter base for other shadows or a gorgeous brown or black smokey eye.  It is so easy to apply, you just swipe it on and off you go. Although I have never worn them for 24 hours, they do last all day long, once you apply it it doesn't move or fade at all. I think they are great dupes for the Mac paint pots. 

I have fallen in love with this shade. Pink-Gold is a beautiful shimmery baby pink colour with gold speckles, it's so soft and girly.  At £5 the colour tattoo's are a complete bargain, with loads of other magnificent shades. 

I used this product in my Valentines make up look here and you can watch the tutorial below.

Thanks for reading


P.S. See this product in my Valentines make up tutorial video here

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm | Showy Flamboyante

Just a quick post for you today as I recently purchased one of the Revlon Colorburst Matte balm's in the shade Showy Flamboyante, from Superdrug. £5.99 usually £7.99

I picked this shade as its a very girly, barbie pink so that's exactly why I love it. I definitely prefer the matte balms to the shiny lacquer ones as they are more pigmented. This is a beautiful fushia shade which glides on smoothly and stays put for ages.  It really can brighten up a simple make up look so is great if your in a hurry.  It also tastes minty which is a great bonus. 

It is very soft and moisturing when applied but as it drys matte it can bring out the lines on your lips, so it's best to not use when your lips are too dry. This looks lovely under a clear gloss but I also love wearing it on its own. 

I will 100% be purchasing more of these Revlon Matte balms as they brilliant products, easy to apply and I love them. The shade range is stunning so I really don't know which one to pick next.

Lots of love 

Chloe x

P.S. have you tried any of the Revlon Colorbursts? 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Perfect 365

A few weeks ago I came across this app called Perfect 365, I not sure how popular it is so you may or may not have heard of it. Basically you take a photo and you can do some major editing and airbrushing to yourself. I had a play around with it, which started as a bit of a joke, but when I finished the seriousness of it kicked in.

I can understand that it's a fun app and its interesting to see what you look like airbrushed. You can add make up, get rid of blemishes and whiten your teeth. However there were some elements which I didn't feel comfortable with, the major ones being slimming your face and nose or making your eyes larger. When I was going through and experimenting I didn't realise how big the changes I was doing. You think to yourself I'll enhance my brows a bit, lift my cheeks a small amount and add some lashes. Bit by bit the changes look minor, however at the end you can click forward and backwards to see the photo before and after.

Before and After
The results shocked me. I couldn't believe how different I looked, I was a completely different person. The worst part is that I thought ''OMG I look amazing, I didn't realise my face was so fat, maybe I should lose some weight". Now I know I am not fat, I am a size 6 for gods sake, but the thoughts that cross your mind are extraordinary. I was upset at how bad I looked in the before photo, even though I had no make up on. I then quickly snapped out of it, this was just a photo that I created myself on my phone and I remembered that no one is perfect. I felt a bit disheartened I didn't want to use the app again.

I have never overly been against airbrushing, as I thought it wasn't that extreme. But it has now crossed my mind that celebrities and models in magazines probably don't look like that at all, like me they most probably look like a completely different person. If I can look this great from a free app on my phone then think about what professional editors can do with a massive budget and expensive technology. This is totally false advertising and leads people to get the wrong impression. Apps like Perfect 365 and airbrushing in magazines are trying to make everyone look the same and not unique. It is encouraging the thought that apparently there is a 'Perfect' look in which we need to aspire to. 

Before and After
Luckily I have always been quite happy and confident with my body, I eat what I want and don't care what people think. I know that I will never look like how I look in the enhanced photo's so there's nothing I can do about it. However if I had been an impressionable, insecure teenager then this might be a different story. I might have thought 'Yes I do need to lose weight' or 'I definitely need to wear more make up to look beautiful' or 'I need surgery to look as amazing as a model'. NO! JUST NO! 

Beauty comes from within and no one needs products or treatments to look good and make them a better person. You are who you are and make the most of what God gave you. Make up can be used to bring out the features you have, you certainly do not need to change anything dramatically. If everyone was the same then the world would be boring. Just remember if this app can make my smile bigger and make me look thinner, then it can do with same with celebrities when they are shown in advertisements. Do you really think that they don't suffer from dark under eye circles or blemishes like everyone else? 

Overall I am not one to take things like this too seriously, I know it's just an app and some people probably really like it so I don't necessarily think it should be taken down. But I do believe that you don't need an app to show you what you have and haven't got. As long as your happy that's all that matters. 

Thanks for reading

Chloe x

P.S. I would love to know your thoughts on Perfect 365. Do you think it's harmless fun or damaging to peoples confidence? 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hotel Estherea Amsterdam

Last month I took Josh to Amsterdam for his Christmas Present. I am extremely fussy with hotels and I will research for days until I find the right one so booking this trip was a bit of a chore. Obviously I wanted to find one which was really nice, had good reviews and wasn't going to cost a fortune. After hours of scanning and Trip Advisor I finally came across Hotel Estherea. It was number 15 on Trip Advisor's list of best hotels in Amsterdam, the photo's looked lovely and it wasn't too expensive. I had found our hotel!

Lobby Chandelier

When we arrived at the hotel I wasn't let down at all. First impressions are massive in my book and the hotel was absolutely gorgeous. The first words Josh said to me was 'Wow this is a bit fancy for us', obviously us being young people on our first holiday as a couple. The staff at reception were so warming and friendly, they really made us feel welcome. The lobby was decorated grandly with an amazing chandelier and aquarium which I could have stared at all day. There was also a coffee machine in the lobby where anyone can make tea, coffee or hot chocolate which was complimentary. They even had takeaway cups which is a really niche idea. We were then taken up to our bedroom which was on the second floor, I believe there was 5 or 6 floors all together. 

Bathroom with bath and shower
The room was lovely and cosy, decorated similar to the rest of the hotel, quite old fashioned but with a modern twist. We were apparantly upgraded to a better room which has more space, it still wasn't massive so I wouldn't like to see how big the standard rooms are. The bed was probably hands down the best bed I have ever slept in. It was massive with a huge comfy duvet which I could snuggle up in. The bathroom was clean, bright, modern with his and hers sinks and even had L'Occitane products in there. The only downside to the room was that we didn't have a window looking outside, it was sort of a courtyard in the middle where you can see across to another room. This was a bit annoying when getting changed and obviously you can't walk around naked but we just kept the curtains shut. 

The hotel bar

Drinks in Amsterdam were quite expensive (Around 10 euros a drink) and in the hotel bar they were about half this price so we decided to drink in there for a few nights. I love how the bar has a nice homely feeling and the blossom tree was so cute, I want one for my bedroom. We came in at about 1am on one day and as it was during the week the barman had gone home. But don't worry the bar wasn't shut, the gentleman at reception poured us some drinks. We sat chatting to him for ages and was such a lovely bloke. 

My only let down about this hotel was the breakfast. As it was 18 euros per person per day we wasn't going to have breakfast at all. But on the last day decided to try it out. What a mistake that was. I know that most hotels in Europe cater mostly for continental breakfasts but this was mostly all it was. They did have eggs, bacon and sausages but they weren't great at all. All the rest was just ham and cheeses, fruit, salads and breads. I know they most of the people staying enjoyed that which is great but I think they do need to cater a little bit more for English people. 

I had such a great time in Amsterdam and I would like to thank Hotel Estherea for making my stay carefree and relaxing. I would 100% stay in this hotel again and definitely recommend staying there if your planning a trip to Amsterdam.

Thanks for reading

Chloe x

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lush | The Comforter Bubble Bar

Howdy petals
I don't often have baths, before you say that's disgusting, I'm more of a shower kind of gal. I love the feeling of a good bath and I find them so relaxing, however I just never have the time or get too engrossed in another task. However I decided that while on holiday in Amsterdam I would take advantage of having a bath in our room and make the effort to have a couple. Therefore I thought I would treat myself to a bubble bar from Lush. I absolutely adore their Snow Fairy scent and I have heard that 'The Comforter' has the same smell, so my choice was made.

The Comforter - Lush £4.50
This bubble bar, although quite pricey, is massive and I would say you have enough for about 5 baths. I broke off a small amount, crumbled it in under the tap and waited for my bath to fill up. I must say it did surprise me with the masses of bubbles created, it was just a huge mountain of foam. The bath was a lovely soft pink colour and the smell was to die for, I would describe it as sweet candyfloss but Josh said he thought it smelt like blueberry. Since looking on the Lush website I have learned that it's actually blackcurrant scented, which I can kind of get now, in a sugary kind of way. 

This photo is when the bath was only half full, so there was about double the amount of bubbles in the end. I found The Comforter to be so gentle and well... comforting. I thoroughly enjoyed my long soak and it left me feeling totally relaxed. I would say this is definitely one to use before bed as the calming, sweet smell made me quite sleepy. 

You do get a lot for your money because you only need a tiny bit and still get plenty of bubbles, so it's worth it if your looking for something a bit different from your usual bubble bath. I still have loads left so I really hope it stays ok for me to use it when I eventually have a bath at home.  

If you want to purchase The Comforter you can buy it on Lush's website here

Lots of love sweetie pie's

Chloe x 

P.S. I will be posting about my trip to Amsterdam so look out for those posts soon. 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Primark Haul 2015

I have been very busy this week so there will be no video this weekend. But it you haven't seen yet, I did upload a Primark Haul last week with some lovely pieces. Primark has some great bits for spring at the moment and I cannot wait to pick up some more!
Watch the haul here:

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Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Products

I was recently sent some sample sizes of Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo, Moisturing rinse, Nourishing Leave-in cream and Reviving curl cream from The Hut*. I know how popular this make is and although I never got round to purchasing, I have only heard great things about it. I couldn't wait to jump in the shower and try it.

Now the samples I was sent were only small so only enough for one application of the shampoo and conditioner (Moisturising rinse). As I have long, thick hair I didn't really have enough but I just about made the sample stretch. If I bought the products I would have used about double the amount. The first thing that hits you is the smell. Oh my goodness it's beautiful, it really feels the bathroom with a strong fruity scent I can't put my finger on. The shampoo lathers well and made my hair feel thoroughly cleaned. The conditioner was also quite good, not as good as my Tigi S factor one, but still made my hair feel soft. 

After towel drying my hair I applied the leave in cream. This was my favourite product, probably because there is enough in the sample to last maybe 4 applications. You only need a small amount as it's easy to distribute through your hair, again this also smells lovely. I felt like this made my hair feel a lot healthier, especially on the split ends. 

I left my hair to dry naturally, it still smelt wonderful, I couldn't stop sniffing it. This lingered for probably a few days until the next time I washed my hair. I would say that my hair felt a lot less dry and frizzy than it normally does, and more thicker and healthier. I would probably buy the shampoo and conditioner, use it until I finish it and then move onto a different make. Don't get me wrong I liked it but as I had high expectations it didn't blow me away. Side note - I do love the bottles of the Macadamia Oil range. On the other hand I would keep purchasing the leave in cream as I was impressed by this product. 

I was also sent a curl cream which I am yet to try but I will keep you posted on my opinion of this. I would definitely try out other products from this range, I think the masques would be quite good, so I might make a cheek purchase. 
If you want to purchase any of the products from the Macadamia Natural Oil range then you can do so here where you can save up to 20% off the RRP.

Lots of love

Chloe x

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Celebrity Skin Clarifying Skin Polish

I recently received this Clarifying Skin Polish from Celebrity Skin*, which is a 2 in 1 cleanser and scrub, while moisturing this skin as well. Its basically your night time skin care routine in a bottle. I have never heard of Celebrity Skin but I was happy to hear they are a natural organic skincare company which is always a bonus, so I was very excited to try this product.

I used this product as more of an exfoliant than a cleanser so I took my make up off first and then used it. The actual liquid part of it is very creamy and gentle. The exfoliating particles are quite large and rough, I would say the same consistency as sand. This can be quite harsh but I like a harsh exfoliator because I can feel it getting rid of all the dead skin. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn't use it or I would use a little bit and not rub too hard. Also the particles don't dissolve so they are a bit annoying to wash off your face but I would say its a good sacrifice to make considering how my face felt afterwards.  

After washing off this product my face immediately felt soft and smooth. It felt like a whole layer of bad skin had come off and I had a new face. Honest to god it felt amazing like a babies skin! It felt great the next day still and my make up applied easily, like a clean canvas. For me personally I wouldn't use it daily, as it is very exfoliating, I have only been using it once or twice a week. However if you wanted that baby soft skin feeling constantly you could probably use this product every other day if your skin is quite durable of course. The clarifying skin polish is quite pricey at £18 as it is a high end product which I don't normally go for. However you don't need to use a lot so I think this bottle would definitely last over 6 months. 

Celebrity skin is an up and coming company, selling advanced skin care and mineral make up. They have an absolutely massive range of products for all skin types so do check them out if your looking to add some amazing new items to your skincare routine. There is also a moisturiser, eye cream and serum in this range which you can use with the above scrub. 

If you want to purchase this product then you can do so on the Celebrity Skin website here or find them on Twitter

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Chloe x 

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Crown Street Essex Blogger Event

Hey ducks
A couple of weeks ago I went to the Essex Bloggers event in Crown Street, Brentwood. It was a private shopping event were we could have a look around a few of the independent shops in Crown Street and had a lovely meal afterwards.

Although I live in Essex I have only been to Brentwood probably twice as it is about 35 minutes away. Everyone thinks everything in Essex is very close together but it's a massive place. I was excited to go to Crown Street as it is full of small independent boutiques which I love. 

My favourite shop was French Quarter which had an eclectic mix of vintage inspired pieces for your home, including lots of shabby chic! I wanted to buy everything for the house I do not have yet, but I heavily resisted. Their Channel No.5 scented candle which they gave us smells beautiful and I can't wait to burn it. I am so tempted to buy everything off of their website, damn online shopping!

Racquet Boutique is an amazing women's clothing shop. Although it's small and independatant, Racquet sells big brands like Ted Baker and French Connection among others. I was so tempted by all the lovely bags and purses! 

Violet Hill specialises in beautiful dresses and high end inspired designs, including brands like Jones and Jones and Forever Unique. They even have their own website where you can purchase any of their stock. The owner of Violet Hill is a lovely women and has such an amazing style, so she will be happy to help you. 

Petite Cherubs is a small kids clothing shop with the cutest outfits you will ever see. The pieces were much more unique than high street clothing shops, so your child would really stand out. And they had the sweetest little tutu's... As if I wasn't broody enough already! 

Also on Crown Street is a beauty salon called Inula Beauty. They offer a massive range of treatments as well as selling the products they use, and the staff are so friendly. I would definitely try it out for a major pamper session. 

I did pop into Fusey which is a mens clothing shop owed by Joey Essex. From a quick glance it looked like a cool modern shop with really fashionable lines. However I did overhear one of the staff members saying 'That blogger thing was a bit weird' and obviously she didn't know I was standing behind her #AWKWARD! Therefore I slowly turned around and walked out, I felt so bad for her. 

After all that shopping we worked up quite an appetite so some of the other bloggers and I went to the Gastro Burger Company for something to eat. This small restaurant is owed and run by Masterchef finalist Chris Georgiou and his family. Although small the atmosphere is great and its so popular. The food was absolutely amazing, we shared a massive nacho/crisp mountain and a Greek meze to start, which was a taste explosion. The burgers were out of this world, probably one of the best burgers I have ever had, even the salad and ketchup was incredible. Even though I was stuffed I can never resist a dessert so I had their homemade brownies which are so moist and beautifully presented. 

I had such a brilliant time and a big thank you goes out to Haydy and Laurie for organising it. And thank you to all the shops for having us and contributing to the goodie bags. I can't wait for the next event and to see all the lovely Essex Bloggers again.

For more information on Crown Street visit their website here or follow them on Twitter

Thank you for reading petals

Chloe x 

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