Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ziaja Skincare

Hello butterfly's
Recently I was sent a few samples from Ziaja Skincare* to try out. They sent a mix from across their huge range of skin products including moisturiser, face cream, day cream, hand lotion and body butter. Ziaja is a skincare company based in Ireland and focusing on using natural ingredients. They also sell shampoo's, shower gels, conditioner, scrubs and face masks.  The prices on their site are in euro's but can be converted using google.  £6.62 £3.72 
I received the cocoa butter body balm and body butter in full size. Both these products smell absolutely amazing! Not everyone loves cocoa butter but I do and this one smelt so much like chocolate I just wanted to eat it. The body balm is quite thick so takes more work to rub in. The body butter is much creamier and richer so you only need a little bit. I am loving both of these and it contains wonderful ingredients like vitamin E and Omega 3. £5.80
The goats milk day cream is so light and thin, it actually feels like your applying milk to your face. Its very gentle and the smell is light and calming. I liked this product a lot and is great for dry skin. It was a little bit difficult to apply as it's quite liquidy but that's because I used a sample packet, I am sure it will be better from a bottle. £5.80
This was my favourite day cream sample that I received. The smell is lovely but difficult to describe, the texture was so smooth that it just glides on your skin and is easy to rub in. As I have dry patches on my face it felt really moisturising and didn't sting at all. It started to clear them up so I might buy the full sized version so I can carry on using it. Even the sample lasted ages as you only need a little bit. £6.62
I am not over 50 but I decided to try this sample anyways even though I don't have wrinkles. It smells nice and it's great that it has SPF in but this wasn't good for my dry patches at all. I can't comment on the anti-wrinkle promise although I'm sure it works great but I would say if you have dry skin then it's probably best not to use this. I like the sound of it having collagen and hyaluronic acid in but at the moment being 21 my skin doesn't really need it. £2.48
The olive hand and nail cream is a lovely thick, creamy texture. Unlike the cocoa butter balm it is not difficult at all to rub in, it just soaks into the skin quickly so you can carry on using your hands. The smell is really nice and gentle, it doesn't smell like olives though, which for me is a good thing. The sample lasted quite a long time as it is such a lovely thickness you only need a small amount.   

Ziaja is a great company, really friendly and if you have any questions they are willing to help. The products are great quality and such a brilliant price, I couldn't believe how cheap the products are so you are definitely getting a bargain. 
You can find them here on their site or on Twitter

Lots of love kittens

Chloe x 

P.S. I shall hopefully be posting a valentines make up look video this weekend so keep an eye out for it on my youtube channel


  1. I love cocoa butter, they look fab and a good price too xx

    1. Same I can't believe how cheap they are x

  2. Oh these all sound and look like such lovely products. I've never heard of them, so thank you for recommending them! xx
    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. They really are a great company, such a good range x

  3. anything Cocoa sounds great :D

  4. Great post I love cocoa butter

    Laura xx xx

    1. Thank you, same it just smells so good! x