Sunday, 23 February 2014

Me by Lanvin Perfume

Hi bubs
Not sure if anyone is the same as me but I normally use the same perfume every single day. For the past few of years I have been using D&G the one, and now everyone knows that scent is me. People that know me, can smell it and it will remind them of me. I really associate different smells with different people. I will smell someone's aftershave or perfume walking down the street and a certain person will pop into my head. I personally think it's lovely that a perfume can have this affect, as smell is such an underrated sense (not sure I would ever hear myself say that). Recently I have been trying out a new perfume, just to change it up a bit and keep everyone on their toes. Its called 'Me' by Lanvin*.

The gold bottle is very cute yet simple with a small little diamond stuck to the front. I love the shape of it and the blue packaging with gold bow is very chic. The smell is what I would normally go for. Not really floral but more sweet, fruity and spicy. Whenever I smell it I think of a fancy rich woman which shops in Harrods (not sure why). 'Me' is a grown up, very sweet scent which is hard to explain but is perfect for nights out in posh restaurants. It makes me feel elegant and feminine. 

I just read online that apparently the top notes are blueberry, tuberose (I'm not sure what this is) and sandalwood. I can definitely smell the sandalwood which I love, but I'm not too sure it reminds me of blueberry's. In my opinion its a very upmarket scent and the price tag does reflect this. Lanvin is a french high end designer brand which specialise is clothing and accessories for men and women. This perfume could be seen as quite pricey but for a high end perfume it's about right. 

Overall I think this is a gorgeous perfume and I would definitely purchase it. 
You can buy a 30ml bottle of Me by Lanvin at Harvey Nichols for £33
Lanvin also have more perfumes so check out the whole range here

Thanks for reading bunnys

Chloe x

P.S. Are you like me and associate scents with people? Also let me know if you have tried any of the other Lanvin perfumes? 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Zoeva Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

Hey honey bears
I have heard amazing things about Zoeva make up brushes but have never really thought about buying some. Until a couple of weeks ago I saw that they were launching a rose gold set of brushes. Now if you know me then you will know that I am obsessed with rose gold and will literally buy anything that is. Therefore without a doubt I just had to have this set. I am so pleased with how they look and the quality of them. Warning this is a very picture heavy post! 

102 Silk Finish

110 Face Shape

106 Powder

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek

142 Concealer Buffer

227 Luxe Soft Definer

231 Petit Crease

317 Wing Liner
All these brushes are stunning, they look beautiful and elegant, as well as being wonderful quality and feeling great. I love that they came in a chic textured clutch bag which is really good quality and it also has a protective travel bag. The brushes were packaged well in a plastic wrapper and also those plastic things which protect the bristles (not sure of the name). 

My only criticism is that the 2 white brushes, the Luxe Sheer Cheek and Luxe Soft definer, have a few bristles that are a bit astray as you might see from the photos. This might be because of how they were packaged but I shall see what they are like once I've used and washed them. 

I bought my brushes direct from the Zoeva Site The prices on their site are in Euro's but this set costs £48. As they are based in Germany you do have to pay £6.23 postage but I did not mind as I wanted them so badly. 

I hope you enjoyed this post bubs 

Chloe x

P.S. Want to get to know me a little bit more? Watch my 25 facts about me tag video. 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Jerome Russell Blonding Kit

Hey sugars
For those of you that have been following my blog quite a while you will know that I have constantly been dying my hair to get from brunette to blonde. It has taken about a year but I am finally there. But now I have to go through the upkeep of my roots. My hair grows very quickly but I don't want to dye it too often, so I do my roots about every 2 months. I recently received a blonding kit by Jerome Russell* to try out. Jerome Russell is a very big hair dye brand which specialise in blonding and bleaching. 

Medium lift blonding kit £5.99
My roots

I let my roots grow about 2cm before dying over them. I don't even touch the rest of my hair now because I have got it the colour I want and it doesnt fade at all. 

The dye was easy to mix up and apply to my roots. The kit does come with a tub to put the dye in and a small brush to apply it with, however I thought the brush was a bit small so I used my own. Although I do have a lot of hair I had to use 2 boxes to dye just my roots. I thought that I would only need one, which is a bit annoying as It could get quite expensive if I had to dye my whole head. I think if you have short, thinner hair it would definetely be enough, but I would probably need 4 boxes for my whole head. 

The dye unlike most bleach did not have a horribly strong smell. When using normal powder bleach or blond dyes I find that the smell is almost unbearable but this was fine which is a massive bonus. The kit also comes with a plastic cap which is great as it helps the colour to develop quicker. 


My head did start to get a bit irritated after about 20 mins and I felt some burning but this is common when using blonding dye or bleach. I could see through the dye that my roots had completely changed colour, it looked about right so I decided to wash it off. 

After I washed it out

Final look
As you can see the colour turned out great, I can believe the results and I only left it on for about 20 minutes. My hair has always picked up dye easily but I am so amazed by this. To get from brown to blonde took a lot of dying but I think if I had used this dye to begin with it would have been a lot quicker! I know roots are a lot easier to colour but it only took this one 20 minute application to get it the exactly right colour. After I washed the dye off it was quite a bright yellow colour, but a couple of days later this toned down and blended into my own hair. 

I will 100% be buying this dye in the future and using it on my roots. It's so easy to use and comes with everything all in one box. I am not a hairdresser and you have to be very careful when using bleaching products so do seek advice if your not sure what to do. 

You can buy Jerome Russell hair dyes in most Boots and Superdrug stores. You can check them out on their site or on Twitter

Thanks for reading honey bears

Chloe x 

P.S. I have just uploaded a 25 facts about me video 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Beauty Compare

Hi loves
I was recently informed about a new website called My Beauty Compare*. It is a beauty comparison site where you answer some specfic details about yourself like eye colour, skin type, hair type and they match products to you. This is a unique idea and I have never heard of anything like it so I was excited to give it a try.

Home page
Questionnaire about yourself

Overall I think the site is great idea and has loads of potential. I will definitely be using it to find products which are best suited to me. I like the fact that it picks out your top 4 matches and puts them in a clear box at the top. You can also read independent reviews of products and leave your thoughts on what you think about them. It's like a beauty product social networking site. 
My matches - Foundation

My Matches - Lipstick

My Matches - Skincare

The matches are done well as I was actually looking into buying a product from La Roche Posay and Mac Studio Fix Fluid is my favourite foundation at the moment which I was also matched to. I would probably buy Revlon lipsticks but I'm not sure of the others, I think it would be better if you could choose whether you want high street or high end products to appear in your results. 

Also I think the photo's need updating as they are all different sizes and styles, I assume because they are provided by different companies. It would be better if My Beauty Compare got the products and took photo's themselves so they are all the same. There are only a few reviews of each product at the moment, but hopefully this will build up in time. 

You can check out My Beauty Compare here It's fun to play around with and you might find a few surprises. 

Lots of love sugars

Chloe x

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Make Up Tutorial

Hi raindrops
As Valentines is coming up soon I thought I would post a make up tutorial to give you a little bit of inspiration. Whether you choose to go out, stay in or a night with friends, this look is so versatile and will suit everyone. Its very girly and quite subtle but will still look very glam. I have absolutely fallen in love with this look so I really hope you like it.

I have chosen to do a rose gold smokey eye with a nude lip. This is a very romantic, flirty look and you will be batting the men away. I have mostly used the Sleek Oh So Special Palette which is very similar to the Naked 3 Palette, I have a blog post here. 

Here are a few photo's of the look, the tutorial video is at the bottom. 

I have shown in the video what the this look is like with or without lashes. I would normally keep it simple during the day and not wear lashes but it depends what I am doing. This look is easily adaptable and will go with any outfit.

Let me know what you think loves

Chloe x 

P.S. What are your plans for valentines day? I would love to hear them!

Here's some extra pics I found on my phone :)

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

#OOTD Indy Flower Top and Beanie

Hey kittens
Here is a short outfit of the day post for you. Most of the time I'm really girly but occasionally I like to mix things up a bit. I would say this is more of a skater, indie, tomboy look. I love this style, especially with a cool beanie thrown in. 

Cocaine and Caviar beanie hat - eBay £12.99
Watch - Michael Kors £220
Top - Primark £6
Bangle - Michael Kors £75
Frilly Socks - Primark £2
Converse (Sorry they're so dirty) - Foot locker £45 
Leggings (Old) - Primark £3?
Cardigan - H&M sale £7
Thanks for reading raindrops

Chloe x 

P.S. What is your opinion on this style? Would you wear it or are you getting tired of the beanie trend?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Everyday Makeup and Kylie Jenner lip tutorial

I have filmed an updated everyday make up tutorial for you and also added a over lined Kylie Jenner 90's nude lipstick tutorial. I used Mac Soar lipliner and Velvet Teddy lipstick which is apparently the products Kylie uses. This is my easy and quick go to look everyday which looks great and only takes 10 minutes.

Thanks for watching

Chloe x 

P.S. Sorry for the lack of videos recently but life has been quite stressful, I have one ready to upload this week! 

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ziaja Skincare

Hello butterfly's
Recently I was sent a few samples from Ziaja Skincare* to try out. They sent a mix from across their huge range of skin products including moisturiser, face cream, day cream, hand lotion and body butter. Ziaja is a skincare company based in Ireland and focusing on using natural ingredients. They also sell shampoo's, shower gels, conditioner, scrubs and face masks.  The prices on their site are in euro's but can be converted using google.  £6.62 £3.72 
I received the cocoa butter body balm and body butter in full size. Both these products smell absolutely amazing! Not everyone loves cocoa butter but I do and this one smelt so much like chocolate I just wanted to eat it. The body balm is quite thick so takes more work to rub in. The body butter is much creamier and richer so you only need a little bit. I am loving both of these and it contains wonderful ingredients like vitamin E and Omega 3. £5.80
The goats milk day cream is so light and thin, it actually feels like your applying milk to your face. Its very gentle and the smell is light and calming. I liked this product a lot and is great for dry skin. It was a little bit difficult to apply as it's quite liquidy but that's because I used a sample packet, I am sure it will be better from a bottle. £5.80
This was my favourite day cream sample that I received. The smell is lovely but difficult to describe, the texture was so smooth that it just glides on your skin and is easy to rub in. As I have dry patches on my face it felt really moisturising and didn't sting at all. It started to clear them up so I might buy the full sized version so I can carry on using it. Even the sample lasted ages as you only need a little bit. £6.62
I am not over 50 but I decided to try this sample anyways even though I don't have wrinkles. It smells nice and it's great that it has SPF in but this wasn't good for my dry patches at all. I can't comment on the anti-wrinkle promise although I'm sure it works great but I would say if you have dry skin then it's probably best not to use this. I like the sound of it having collagen and hyaluronic acid in but at the moment being 21 my skin doesn't really need it. £2.48
The olive hand and nail cream is a lovely thick, creamy texture. Unlike the cocoa butter balm it is not difficult at all to rub in, it just soaks into the skin quickly so you can carry on using your hands. The smell is really nice and gentle, it doesn't smell like olives though, which for me is a good thing. The sample lasted quite a long time as it is such a lovely thickness you only need a small amount.   

Ziaja is a great company, really friendly and if you have any questions they are willing to help. The products are great quality and such a brilliant price, I couldn't believe how cheap the products are so you are definitely getting a bargain. 
You can find them here on their site or on Twitter

Lots of love kittens

Chloe x 

P.S. I shall hopefully be posting a valentines make up look video this weekend so keep an eye out for it on my youtube channel