Wednesday, 18 December 2013

NYX Haul Cyber Monday

Hiya flowers
I recently bought a few products from NYX Cosmetics in their Cyber Monday Sale, it was only about 20% off but that's still quite a good discount. I love NYX at the moment, they have so much choice and a product for everyone. They are very resonable priced and have such good quality make up. (The prices listed are before the discount)

Blush - Desert rose £6
This blush is a gorgeous antique pink colour and is super girly. It's great for the winter as its quite frosty and looks like you have a flush of colour from being in the cold. It's so pigmented and looks absolutely beautiful. I have worn this blush loads since I've purchased it and I love it! Such a perfect all round shade for anyone and any occasion. 

Round lipstick - Indian pink £4
I was looking for a rose gold lipstick as I am obsessed at the moment, so I bought this one and the one below. I think this lipstick optimizes rose gold and is exactly spot on. Its sort of a peachy toned pink with a gold shimmer behind. Its quite subtle so can be worn every single day, it also smells really good, sort of perfumey but in a nice way.

Round Lipstick - Watermelon £4
This rose gold lipstick is also spot on but has more shimmer in it than the indian pink. Its very similar to the one above but more of a pinky pink and a lot more gold. However it is also still very subtle and can be worse every day. It adds some sparkle to a simple make up look. 

Xtreme lip cream - Dolly Girl £7
This lip cream is so pigmented, I saw a make up artist use it on Twitter and I just had to have it. Its probably the most girliest colour ever, it is so bright and adventuso is probably more suited to a night out. Its a gorgeous creamy gloss, a little bit sticky at first but is fine after a few minutes. It also smells a bit like marzipan :) and stays on for hours.

Matte Lip Cream - Amsterdam £5.50
I bought this product a few weeks before the sale but I thought I would show it to you anyways. It is a lovely soft lip gloss but drys matte on your lips. It is so pigmented and has such a bright vivid colour. It smells so nice like candyfloss and stays put for ages. It isn't drying at all but you might want to re apply every few hours. The colour is a gorgeous blue toned red and will look stunning on everyone. I am so in love with this product and wear it all the time. 

Lots of love my little lambs

Chloe x

P.S. Have you seen my new video yet? Its a get ready with me video that I filmed before I went to the EsseXmas Bloggers Meetup (A post about the event will be up soon). I used the blush and the matte lip cream in this look, I hope you like it! 


  1. Gorgeous picks, love the colours. Especially the Indian Pink Lipstick. Lovely :-) xoxo

    1. I love that lipstick too, such a gorge colour x

  2. I got some NYX goodies too, they are so good for the price, great picks :) xx

    1. Such good value for money and great quality too x

  3. I love the look of every thing you bought, I can't get enough of NYX either :)
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xxx