Monday, 23 December 2013

L.A Luxe Mink Lashes

Hiya cupcakes
I recently received some handmade 100% authentic mink fur eye lashes by L.A Luxe Lashes*. I love false lashes and where them nearly every time I go on a night out. I think they really add a lot to your make up and even if you don't where too much make up they make you look instantly glamorous. LA Mink lashes are supposed to last a lot longer than normal ones, you can re use them about 25 times, whereas normal fake lashes you would really only re use them about 3 times. 

I received the 'Natural Flirt' style lashes. They are soft, shiny, look really natural, blend into my own lashes well and I really enjoyed wearing them. They are extremely light weight, I would say lighter than normal ones and I completely forgot I was wearing them. Sometimes false eyelashes get on my nerves and start weighing down my eye lids but these ones didn't at all. You do have to cut them down as they are very long to suit all eye sizes. 

I will be posting a video of how I got this make up look soon 
The Natural Flirt lashes are exactly what the name says, natural looking but slightly longer at the end to give that flirty girly look. I wore them with a really dramatic smokey eye but as I said you can wear them with barely any make up and they look great because they are more natural. Sometimes I just wear a very simple eye look of mascara and eyeliner, which looks pretty boring but when I add lashes I am instantly ready for a night out. You will need to buy your own glue as it doesn't come with the lashes. I just used glue from another pair of lashes.

Mink lashes... you may think that's quite controversial and at first glance you may be really against it. However the fur is collected from the natural shredding process of the mink. They are sterilized, hypo allergenic, and free from dye and chemicals. No harm is caused to the animals.

I love how girly and gorgeous the lashes look
Although they are quite expensive for eyelashes, you would normally spend about £5 for a normal pack which would last you about 3 times. Which means if you spent £20 on normal lashes then you would only get about 12 wears out of them, whereas mink lashes its £20 for 25 wears, which is a much better deal. Also I would say that the quality is worth paying for, just because they are so amazingly light! If you hate wearing false eyelashes I would recommend that you give these a go. 

They do have lots of other styles including more nautral ones or bigger, more extravagant ones. Check LA Luxe out on their website or on Twitter

Thanks for reading loves

Chloe x

P.S. Here is a tutorial of a silver smokey eye using the mink lashes.


  1. The are so pretty and you are gorgeous! :D
    I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!! <3

  2. I haven't heard of these before but they look amazing. My only issue is sometimes I just throw my lashes on the floor when I come in from a night out so I would be devvoed if I damaged a £20 pair!

    Btw I might be really behind but is that a tattoo outline I see too? Looks beaut!

    Claire from Stylingo xx

    1. Yh I am exactly the same! I always just throw my lashes down on the side them I'm drunk but it didn't damage them, I just have to be careful not to lose them.

      Hehe yes it is :) thanks so much! x

  3. Ive been looking into investing in some better quality lashes! I've never tried mink lashes but they seem to be super popular right now. These ones look beautiful!

    1. Yh they are all over the place right now... They are very good. Extremely light, way better than normal ones x