Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Imperial Candle

Hiya loves
I recently received a special candle from Imperial Candles*. They have a selection of gorgeous smelly candles in glass containers but each one has a piece of jewelry inside. The jewelry can be a ring, bracelet or necklace between the value of £10 and £2000 which is a great surprise for someone. The candle is 100% soy wax and is hand poured in the UK. I think this product would definitely make a fantastic present for someone. 

It is very similar to the Jewel candle which I recently reviewed, you can read about here, although I think it is a much better improvement. The Imperial Candle smell is a lot stronger so it fills the whole room quicker and there are 2 wicks so that the candle burns down evenly, the jewel candle has only 1 wick so there is wax all around the side and is a bit burnt because it didn't burn even. Imperial candle also ask for your ring size so if you receive a ring, it actually fits you. With the ring in the Jewel candle it was quite big so I haven't been able to wear it. 

Here's the surprise inside
I picked the flavour coffee caramel cream and it smells absolutely amazing, I am so in love with this scent. I received a cute little ring inside which fits perfectly, it's meant to be worth £30. (I'm not sure if I would pay £30 for the ring but I guess it is silver) so if it is worth that much then that's such a great deal as the candle only costs £25, the only problem is that the jewelry might not be to your taste but I'm sure you can find some use to it. Lets be honest how can you resist the surprise of getting free jewelry in a candle, its so exciting!

They have loads of Christmas scents at the moment like apple and cinnamon or mulled wine, or other beautiful scents like bouquet of flowers or cheesecake flavour. So if someone bought you a present this Christmas but you forgot to get them one back (always embarrassing) then I'm sure they would love it if you sent them one of these candles. 

You can find Imperial candle on their website

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P.S. I hope your all having a great Christmas. I will be uploading a few videos this week of some New Years/Holiday make up looks for you. Look out for them here on my channel


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  3. Just came across your blog - you are lovely! These candles also sound AMAZING... coffee caramel cream? WANT ONE!

    1. Aww thanks lovely.

      Omg it smells amazing!!! x