Saturday, 28 December 2013

ELF Haul Black Friday

Hey raindrops
So here is a quick post to show you the products I bought from ELF in their black friday sale which was a massive 50% off! If you ready my NYX post you will see I was looking for some rose gold lipsticks, I found a couple from ELF which are quite rose gold toned. I also picked up a few other bargains as well, all the prices listed are before the discount was applied. 

Mineral Lipstick - Nicely nude £5
This is a gorgeous pinky nude colour with a slight gold shimmer. Its very close to rose gold but extremely light so you do need to apply a bit to see the colour. Its a great nude shade and perfect to wear every single day.

Mineral Lipstick - Rosy Raisin £5
This lipstick isn't that pigmented so you have to apply a lot to see the colour. That's because it is very sheer and glossy so if you looking for a lightly coloured, soft, moisturing lipstick then this one is perfect.  This is more of a orangy peach tone but with a slight gold shimmer. 

Mineral Lipstick - Fiery Fushia £5
This lipstick is a lot more pigmented, you only need to apply a little bit to see the colour. Its a lovely rosy red colour, I wouldn't say its very much like fushia, but its quite a fiery red with a shimmer behind it. 

All over cover stick - Pink Lemonade £1.50
This stick is to use on your eyes, lips or cheeks. Its a very girly pink shade which a lovely shimmer in it, I think it would make a lovely blush but its quite bright so I would only use a little bit on my cheeks. The stick is quite a weird round shape so I would probably use a brush to add a little bit to my cheeks or lips. 

Eyeshade C Brush £3.75
This brush is the perfect size for the eyelid. It is great for sweeping on colour and blending across. 

Flawless concealer brush £3.75
Is a lovely fluffy brush and a great size for blending in concealer. Its really soft on the skin and applies concealer flawlessly.

Small Precision Brush £3.75
This is a tiny brush but is really wonderful for precisely adding eyeshadow to all the right places. You can add lots of detail but blending in small areas or adding colour to certain areas.

Small Smudge Brush £3.75
This brush is pretty much the same as the last one but has shorter bristles. It does the exact same job and is just as wonderful. 

Thanks for reading rainbows

Chloe x 

P.S. You can hear my details about these products in my collective haul video


  1. Wow some fab bargains there, I love the lippy shades that you got. I've not tried anything from ELF yet but it sounds like a fab brand. Curious to know more so will watch your vid xx

    The Belle Narrative

    1. They are quite a good brand, and really cheap prices as well. I couldn't believe it when they said 50% off! Thanks hun x

  2. I love those ELF brushes, I own 5 or 6 and they're just as great of quality as my sigma ones!

    1. I am really impressed so far with their products and can't believe how cheap the brushes are. I have never tried Sigma but everyone says they are awesome x