Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Best Face Mask Ever

Hiya kittens

Ok so every time I use a face mask I probably say that it was the best face mask ever. I just love them all so much and are amazed at how great they are. The latest one is a sugar and spice self heating face mask from Superdrug. 99p or 4 for 3
I can't get over this face mask. You rub it on your face and it actually gets so hot, not burning hot but a really lovely warming sensation. It just surprised me as I never thought it would get as warm as it did. This feeling paired with the beautiful smell of caramel, cinnamon and vanilla, it was just a match made in heaven. The mask cools down after about 10 seconds, it doesn't tighten or harden up, the gel sits on your skin so you can relax and enjoy the lovely smell. 

I'm so cool :)
After about 15 minutes I washed the mask off. It left my skin feeling very smooth and soft, and I just felt so relaxed afterwards. I honestly 100% recommend this face mask, they are so cheap and the feeling of the warmth on my skin was much appreciated on a cold winters day. Having this mask with a hot chocolate really made my night.

Lots of love sweetie pie's

Chloe x 

P.S. I literally just went out and bought 4 more of these masks hehe :)