Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Mac Haul

Hey chicka's

I recently went on holiday and bought a few Mac products in Duty free. I can't remember the prices that I paid so I am just going to post the prices that are on the Mac website. I hope you like them. 

Lipstick Rebel (satin) £15
This lovely plum shade is very popular at the moment especially as it is coming upto winter. It's just the perfect colour for the colder months and I think it would suit most skin tones. Don't be put off by how dark the actual lipstick looks as it is a lot lighter on as you can see from the swatch. I really love this lipstick and I'm going to be wearing it loads.

Pro Longwear Liner - More to Love £14.50
I don't really use lipliners that much but I saw the colour of this and fell in love. I wanted a lipstick this colour but couldn't find one (although rebel is very similar this is more pink). You can wear lipliners all over your lips so I just do this with it. Doing this can be quite drying but it you add a balm or gloss over it, it looks gorgeous. I really am in love with this colour and it stays on for ages. You can also wear it as a liner for Rebel as they are very close. 

Lipglass - Viva Glam £14
I didn't really need this but I saw it on the counter when I was paying and just picked it up for some reason. I don't think I will wear this that often as I'm more of a lipstick gal rather than a lipgloss (I don't like my hair sticking to the gloss so I don't often wear it lol). But it is a nice deep red and adds real depth to your lips. Its very easy to apply and it makes them look bigger and shiny. I think I would wear this for a night out rather then everyday. 
The profit from the sale of Viva Glam products goes towards helping people living with HIV/Aids. 

Pro Longwear Eyeshadow - Sweet satisfaction £17
This eyeshadow is a soft bronze,gold, taupe colour. Its so soft and easy to to blend, is very shimmery and looks great on its own for everyday or build it up with other shadows for the evening. Its very similar to the popular shade in the naked 2 palette 'half baked'. My pictures really don't show the true colour that well as it is difficult to photograph, it's a lot more bronze/gold in real life. Its a very easy colour to wear and a great all rounder so I really do recommend it if your looking for a subtly neutral eyeshadow. 

Have you bought any new Mac products recently that you love?

Thanks so much for reading tigers

Chloe x 

P.S. Want to hear more about my new Mac purchases? Check out my latest video where I show them to you after my box swap with Nicola


  1. The Viva Glam lip gloss looks amazing - creamy and lovely, I hope it's not too sticky... Xx


    1. Its very thick so is a little bit sticky, I'm afraid of wearing it outside cos my hair will stick to it, but for a night out it looks so gorgeous and eye catching x

  2. Ooo you got some lovely mac bits huni. I'm always a bit wary of their lip glass' as there meant to be really sticky, but the shade you picked is gorgeous Hun.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

    1. It is such a gorgeous shade but is quite sticky so I think I'll just wear it when I'm inside. I think I got sucked in by them advertising it on the counter lol x

  3. I love that lip glass color it looks lovely!! But I hate the stickiness. Those are some amazing fall colors, great haul :)

    1. I love it to but yh because of the stickyness I probs wont wear it too often. Thanks hun x

  4. I got the rebel lipstick too - i love it. Looks great on nights out - channeling dark romance look!

    Em xx