Monday, 4 November 2013


Hi there sugars

I recieved some great products from the lovely people at Farmaline Online Pharmacy*. I got to choose out of a few products and I choose a SPF 20 sun cream to use while I was on holiday, a dry oil, and a orange face mask. They also sent me a few other samples, a make up bag and a face cloth which was extremely kind of them.
Bio Beauté Nuxe sun cream SPF 20 £16.75
The sun cream was quite thick and not the easiest to apply but covers you in a thick layer and I felt very protected (if that's even possible). It smells great and you only needed a small amount as it spreads out, so I have loads left and it will last me ages. Nuxe products are so luxurious so it was very nice for them to send me these products.
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse £15.51
The dry oil smells absolutely gorgeous! I am addicted to the smell. You can use it anywhere to soften and moisturise skin but I mostly use it on my hair. Its very luxurious and made my hair feel great as it was drying out in the sun. You can apply it any time of the day or if your worried about your hair feeling greasy apply it after washing so it drys into your hair. My hair now feels lovely and healthy and smells gorgeous every time I use it.  I have been using it loads and it has barely gone down, so I think it will at least last me a year.

Apivita face mask with orange £2.60 for 2
The face mask also smells amazing and orangey, but my first impressions weren't great as it was burning my face. Most face masks do burn my face as I have sensitive skin but this one was quite strong. I left it on and after a couple of minutes it started to feel nice and refreshing. It's hard to explain but in my head I thought it felt cold, even though it wasn't (weird). My face felt so amazing and tingly. After I took the mask off my skin did feel a lot better, it felt clean, refreshed and soft. I would definitely use it again, I think it was worth the original stinging. 

You can find loads of different products on their website, mostly products you find in a normal pharmacy but they have a lot more more because it is a European site, so they even sell Bioderma and La Roche Posay. Thanks a lot for sending me those lovely products, if you want to check out Farmaline then here is their website and you can also find them on Twitter

Thanks for reading flowers

Chloe x

P.S. Have you seen my latest YouTube Get ready with me video - Highstreet/Drugstore Autumn everyday make up 


  1. lovely review !! love the dry oil :) XOXO

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    1. Its so surprising but feels really good x