Thursday, 12 September 2013

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I was tagged by the gorgeous Melissa of Shadow and Polish to do the Skincare tag. Check out Melissa's blog and her skincare tag... I can't get over how much Liz Earl she has!!!!

I only have a few skincare products. I buy what I need, try it out and see if I like it. If I do then I'll repurchase, if not I'll look for an alternative.

Describe your skincare routine in 5 words:
Exfoliate(Twice a week), Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Eye cream 

What’s your skin type?

Combination - I have parts where I get spots and parts which are dry

Top Blemish Zapper
Tea Tree Oil - Its a natural product which cleans and antiseptics (I know that's not the right word but I can't think) the area. 

Face Wipes, yay or nay?
Yay- I use them to take my makeup off, especially eye make up before I use a cream cleanser. I don't want to be to harsh on my face by rubbing the cleanser into my eyes so I use wipes or make up remover first. 

Toner, yay or nay?
Yay - I never really believed in using toner but now I do. There's no harm in doing it so I thought I might as well. I find that even after cleansing it still removes traces of make up which is quite cool (I don't know why I think that's cool, obviously I have no life).

High-end skincare or high-end makeup?
A mixture of both. High end can get very expensive though so I try to look for high street alternatives. Most are very similar. 

(I totally read this question wrong... I thought it said high end skin care or high street skin care) So I've just gone back to edit it but to be honest I think my question is better. Why would you compare skin care to make up, they are two completely different things. I love high street everything! I probably have 90% highstreet and 10% highend overall in everything. 

What’s the most unusual skincare product you've tried?

I haven't really tried any unusual products but just like Melissa I also tried using toothpaste on spots. Total failure and never worked!

Tell us your top skincare tip
Never ever go to sleep with make up on. This clogs up your pours and causes spots. It doesn't take too seconds to take it off (even if you are drunk!) just use a wipe if you really can't be bothered. 

After my night time skin care routine - No make up feeling great :)
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Hope you enjoyed reading this post my kittens

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P.S. If you have any great skin care tips for me then please comment and let me know 

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  1. Chloe, I love your video!!! thank you for tagging me I have been wanting to do a skin post for a while now! :D


    1. Thank you lovely :) Oooh excited... I need all the tips I can get x

  2. Yay! I'm glad you jumped onto the toner train! I always find it amusing that I can already get traces of makeup when I use toner afterwards as well, apparently, I have no life. Haha! x

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    1. Lol it's such a funny thing. What toner do you use? x

  3. Thanks for tagging me huni :) think I'll struggle with High-end skincare or high-end makeup ooo such a tough question .
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xox

    1. No worries hun :) Can't wait to read yours x

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