Friday, 6 September 2013

Healthy Hair

Hello my beauty's

I'm not blowing my own trumpet but I quite often get compliments on how long and voluminous my hair is. So I thought I would do a post on how to get long hair while keeping it healthy, and I think these tips even help it to grow quicker. 
(Disclaimer: I am not a hairdresser, these tips work for me, they may not necessarily work for you)

1. Don't wash your hair everyday 
Wash every 2-3 days. Your hair needs to produce its natural oils in order to stay strong and grow. You make think its greasy but it's just the follicle oil. The less you wash your hair the less greasy it gets. If you wash your hair everyday, your hair fights to produce its oil, therefore it produces a whole lot quicker, making your hair greasy/oily a few hours after washing, which is why you feel you need to wash it everyday. Its a vicious circle. If you get in the routine of washing every 3 days then it won't get as greasy quickly. I wash my hair every 3 days, and I don't think it feels greasy at all. 

Third day - not greasy at all and feels great
2. Don't use too much heat 
Using a lot of heat on your hair is not good for it and can make it very dry and damaged. It may feel nice after you have straightened or curled it but your hair will not feel great when you leave it natural. If you use heat every day your hair will definitely not thank you in the long run. Try leaving your hair to dry naturally and embracing your natural style. It doesn't have to be straight or perfect to look great. Invest in some rollers that you can leave in, I have a blog post on my favourite sleep in rollers which you can find here

You can buy these rollers on the Strawberry Waves website

You can also leave it in plaits to give it a lovely gentle wave and this will calm down any frizz. My natural hair is wavy, which I don't mind and often leave it like this. Like many of you though I am always tempted to just straighten my fringe as it hangs a bit weird wavy and I want it to frame my face. But an alternative to this, which I do all the time, is pin it back, or push it back with an alice band or sunglasses (in the summer). It looks really good, no heat required and keeps it off your face. 

3. Don't wear it up too often
Wearing you hair up everyday puts strain on the root which can cause it to fall out easily, and you don't want that. I like wearing my hair up as it can finish off an outfit or sometimes you fancy something different, but as my hair is so heavy and long, it kills me after a few hours. I get a terrible headache and have to take it down straight away. Try wearing your hair in a low ponytail or bun as this puts less strain on the hair. Don't pull it too tight, let it lay loose and messy for a sexy, just woken up look. 

4. Use heat protector, Argan oil and less harsh chemicals
Do not use too many products on your hair!!!
You must definitely use a heat defense spray if your going to use heat. Some people say this weighs their hair down but I never find this, I use TRESemme. Argan oil or hair oil is great for repairing dry hair. I recommend Rana Argan oil which you can find in my blog post here. It is 100% argan oil so has nothing added. You can also you olive, coconut or almond oil. This leads onto my next point of using the least harsh chemicals on your hair as possible. I am currently testing out an organic shampoo and conditioner so look out for that blog post soon. 

You can buy this Argan oil on the Rana website

5. Don't over dye
 I change my hair colour all the time. But if it goes wrong or I don't like it, I never re-dye it straight away. I put up with having bad hair for at least a month while my hair recovers. You can also see me walking around with quite bad roots cos I don't like dying my hair too often. I normally wait a couple of months or until my hair feels healthy again until I dye it. If you keep dying your hair this will dry it out, damage the ends and even make it fall out. Try using bleach as least as possible, look for products without bleach in, and if you can use ammonia free dye. After dying your hair you must look after it and treat it properly. Do everything I have said above and use a colour protector shampoo so that it lasts longer and you dye it less.

Sit back and relax... your hair feels great

Let me know if these tips work for you or if you have any healthy hair tricks.

Thanks so much for reading sugar plums

Chloe x

P.S. A good diet and drinking plenty of water really helps you to get great hair. I haven't talked about this because I don't really watch my diet. I don't eat badly but I tend to have a few too many McDonald's and chocolate cakes (I just can't resist). Therefore I am not going to preach what I don't practice. 


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