Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Devine Nails

Hi treasures

I got sent some bespoke fake stick on nails by Laura at Devine Nails*. She custom designs nails, you can tell her what you want or let her design some for you. She is so creative and is always posting great nails on twitter and Facebook. You choose the colour, design, style & size of the nail and Laura sends them to you.

The nails came in loads of different sizes so I just picked out the ones that fitted me and stuck them on with the glue provided. It was so easy and looked great. I love how she provided lots of different colours and one feature nail. They are perfect for any special occasion or night out, the nails are very strong and stay on well. I normally get my nails done at the salon but sometimes I am too busy to go, so I would definitely wear these in between salon visits. 

Prices start from £6
Laura is so lovely and helpful, her designs always give me inspiration as I love trying different nail art on my own nails. You can talk to her on twitter.com/DevineNails1 or facebook.com/devinenails30 or here's how to order her nails directly. 

Thanks for reading monkeys

Chloe x 

P.S. Here is my latest YouTube video... Look out for my nails!!!

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