Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tag: Make up Firsts and Fails

Hello my sweeties

I was tagged by the lovely Orlaith from Lady With The Bags to do this post of my make-up firsts and fails. I think when everyone went through senior school they had loads of major make up fails and if they say they didn't they were either lying or a born make up artist. I didn't really wear too much makeup when I was younger as I had quite bad acne and didn't want to disturb it. I would mostly just wear basic eye make up and that never looked too bad. 
But here is a few of my fails that I remember.

Random emo days... loving the coloured hair extensions 
Who didn't go through the ninety's without lots of glitter! I remember having loads of glitter eyeliners and those Barry M Dazzle Dust pots haha. But not in normal colours... They were all blues and greens and pinks and I would like a right state because I just wore them, no foundation or mascara!

I would never take the time to pick a foundation which suited my skin colour. I think I used to think that you would wear the foundation of the skin colour you want to be and your not supposed to match it to your skin. Therefore when I did wear them they were always too light or too dark. I also discovered fake tan and this was not a pretty sight. 

Too much foundation
So totally orange
Not blending: 
Up until quite recently I would always apply my makeup with my hands like paint. This lead to major face problems like having that line along your jaw where you haven't blended properly. This is so easy to get and sometimes people don't tell you that you have it. Thankfully I now have a boyfriend, that is so truthful it is often harsh, and he always tells me when my foundation is not blended properly (This is sometimes very annoying). 

Damn I used to have a fat face... too much fake tan
Covering up:
I think my biggest make up fail was putting makeup on my spots to try and cover them. Oh my god biggest mistake ever! I now know this made them 10 times worse. Over the past couple of years I stopped doing this and went through life barely wearing foundation unless I was going out. I put up with having acne scars and spots on show everyday, but now I am so glad I was brave enough to do this as my skin is all better. I never get any spots anymore and a lot of my scars have cleared up. I still have a few on my cheeks but I am sure these will disappear soon.

I have tagged the beautiful Kellie from Beauty Ever After to do this post so check out her blog to read her response.

Thanks for reading buttercups

Chloe x

P.S. These photo's are mostly from year 10 and 11 as we didnt really have good camera phones before then, but I will see if I can find some older ones. Also I will be doing a separate post soon all about my acne and spot ordeal. 

Me and Gypsie
I looked so much better when I just wore eye makeup and no foundation



  1. I remember my Emo days. I dread to see any of my own photos haha.

    Also, I featured you on my post for the Liebster award x

    1. Hehe its so funny looking back on it now. Can't believe I thought I looked good.

      Thanks hun x

  2. Great post, Thanks for sharing!

    Lovely blog!!<3

    Hugs, Brittany, xx