Friday, 16 August 2013


Howdy there buttercups

Secretly in my spare time I am a party animal and like to live it large at the weekends. That's all a lie! Truthfully I am quite a boring 20 year old and don't go out out very often. Can't beat a quiet night in. 

Now I don't smoke myself but some of my friends do, so I am always going up to the smoking area in clubs, standing awkwardly freezing my arse off. I would say the fresh air is nice, but then smokers fumes aren't really fresh. So luckily I received the coolest products from iSmoke*. 

iSmoke eShisha - £3.99 each 
They are eShisha portable electronic cigarettes. Which are similar to normal e-cigarettes but 100% nicotine, tar and tobacco free, so aren't harmful. They are totally healthy and taste so fruity. I am not an advocate of smoking and wouldn't do anything to harm my body, so I wouldn't try these if I knew they would affect me in anyway. 

Tastes so good. A great alternative to smoking!
I was sent Strawberry Kush and Grapalicious (they also have Blueberry Bubble, Peach Passion and Sour Apple) and oh my goodness I could puff on them all day. They are perfect if your the awkward one in the smoking area not smoking like me, and they look so classy with a diamond in the end which glows red when you take a puff. I think they look so elegant and definitely  look and taste better than normal cigarettes  A lot of celebrities have been seen with them, so they are becoming the new trend guys and will soon be everywhere.

Why am I such a weirdo?
If your a smoker why don't you go back to your New Years resolution and try giving up (Yep I can read your mind! I know that you did that and gave in a week later). But this time try replacing them with eShisha, you still have something in your hand to puff on but it tastes a whole lot better.

They last for ages and are only £3.99 at the moment.

Here's a link to their website
 and check them out on Twitter

Try them out and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading my lovelies

Chloe x 

P.S. Please excuse the yellow hair, I am in the process of going blonde. 


  1. Hi Chloe
    I have nominated you for a Liebster award :D
    I hope you have the time to answer the questions and let me know your reply !
    Check it out on my blog :)

    Alex ox.

  2. I love this! Not a smoker,but I would give these a go! they even look pretty!x

    1. Such a good product. Deffo worth a go and look so cool x

  3. Really cute photos :) I'm not a cigarette smoker, but every now and then I love Shisha!


    1. Thank you. I had never tried them before but its such a good product x