Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I love bargains x

Hello there guys and gals

Today I thought I would blog a little bit about my shopping techniques so you can find out more about me :)

I always see products in fashion magazines and I think they look gorgeous, then I see the price tag and I nearly have a heart attack!
I love being on trend and having the latest clothes but after all my bills I don't have much money to play around with. 
So here's a list of some of my favourite websites to buy clothes and accessories... the best part is they are cheap, fashionable and I save loads of money. 

(In no particular order)

I absolutely love Miss Guided and if you read my previous blog posts you will see most of my clothes are from there. They have such a huge selection of fashionable clothes which are great prices. I think its great because you can find the same dress or top in so many different colours or styles e.g different neck lines, sleeves and lengths to suit any person or shape. Their prices are so ridiculously cheap and it's still great quality. Anything that is in fashion at the time, guaranteed Miss guided have it for half the price than high street shops.

Most recent purchase - Coral skater dress - £12.49

2. eBay

eBay is such a dangerous website for me, I probably look on there about 5 times every day so end up spending so much money! Whenever I see something I like whether it be clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery or beauty products, I will always check eBay first to see if I can find it cheaper on there. And most of the time I save about £10 or more. You have to be careful that the products you are buying are not fake. I am very careful of this so I mostly just buy unbranded items like plain shoes, jumpers or dresses. However quite often you can find cheap second hand designer/high street items which are still in good condition. If you have any doubts you can always message the seller and ask for more pictures or information. 

Most recent purchase - Plain Nude platform heels - £16.99

3. Asos

The place to view the whole high street from the comfort of your home. I cannot get over how many different brands they have, I can spend hours on there and not even view 1% of their clothes. They do sell some high end designers so not everything is cheap but their own make clothing is so stylish and great value. I love the accessory section as they have such a wide range of items like jewellery, belts, bags and shoes. I normally find something I want like earrings, go on Asos, add about 5 similar ones to my basket then go through them and remove the ones I don't like as much. Most of the time I end up buying them all haha. I also love the Asos Marketplace because there are so many great independent designers and boutiques selling their clothing. There are loads of unique pieces which are so cheap, I think the concept is a brilliant idea. 

Most recent purchase - Plate And Spike Detail waist Belt - Nude £12.00

4. Twitter

I know this sounds like a strange one but I always find loads of people on twitter selling different products. They range from clothes and bags, to phone cases and beauty products. Most sellers are small independent businesses trying to build up their clientele therefore they are often very cheap. You can find great clothes for half the price that it would be in a real shop. This is also because they don't have as many overheads as a shop would. A popular trend on twitter at the moment is the crystallising of products like trainers, tracksuits, heels, bags and cases. These products look amazing, stand out and aren't too expensive because they buy a lot in bulk. 

Most recent purchase - Strawberry Curls soft sleep in rollers - £5.99  

5. Voucher code websites! 

Now there are loads of these including GrouponWowcherVoucher Codes, and loads more. These have loads of deals to save you money on for absolutely anything. Mostly they feature days out, holidays, beauty products and treatments. One related to fashion is Fashion Vouchers where they list loads of voucher codes for many websites to save money off your order or delivery. They have loads of big names including Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and AX Paris. You should check these sites before you purchase something to see if there is a discount/promo code for the item because you can save loads. For the sake of taking 5 minutes before you buy it is definitely worth it. One of my biggest bugbears is wanting to purchase something for say £10 and having to pay £5 delivery, that's 50% of the value of the item! I think that's outrageous. Therefore I always take advantage of free delivery and I love voucher codes. 

I may sound like I am bigging up the websites I have mentioned and I'm trying to sell them but this is genuinely how I feel, I love finding cheap websites to buy fashion and beauty products. Online shopping is one of my favourite things to do and I probably order or look at something every single day, I am a bit addicted hehe.

Thanks for reading my little cupcakes

Chloe x 

P.S. If you have any great cheap websites let me know because I love a bargain!!!!!!!

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  1. Good advice, will check that fashion voucher thing out!

    1. Thanks sweetie :)

      Yh there are some good deals out there, you just have to search for them.

      eBay is deffo my number 1 site!

      x x x

  2. Great advice! I've just signed up to recieve the weekly newsletter from

    I love eBay and have a post coming soon about a few bargains I've found recently!

    x x

    1. Thanks hun :)

      Ohh send me a link when its up, I can't wait to see.
      Bad idea really because I will probably go straight on there and buy everything. I love eBay!!

      x x x

  3. Some great advice and websites to check. Thank you for this. X

  4. Hey clo loving your blog. . we have lots in common!

    Come by for a visit x

    1. Thanks sweetie :)

      I'll check yours out now and subscribe x