Thursday, 27 June 2013

Primani haul x

Hello there puppies

Yesterday I went to Lakeside with my lovely boyfriend Josh as he is going on holiday today to Zante :( So he needed to buy lots of cheap clothes and expensive trainers apparently, therefore this was the perfect excuse for me to purchase a few Primark goodies. 

Pink floral vest - £3         Polka dot shorts - £10        Black print top £3.50

White peep toe canvas pumps - £5
Red heels - £12
Pink cardi - £6
Citronella tea lights - 50p

White flower headband - £2.50
Pink flower headband - £3.50
Heart chain necklace - £2
White and gold necklace - £3
Pink bow bag - £8
Earrings - £2.50

Bit of a random lot but I am very please with my shop. Except Josh was getting all frustrated when I was looking at clothes so I didn't buy that many. Bless him he's so cute because he hates shopping with me but I need someone to hold all the bags hehe :) 
I love him so much and I hope you have a good holi bobs baby x

Sorry about that major cringyness 

I love all you little kittens too

Chloe x 

P.S. Please excuse the poor photography. I haven't done a post in ages so wanted to get this one up quickly for you guys so you wouldn't get bored of me


  1. Love the red heels!

  2. Thanks hun. They are gorgeous and a great price. Sadly they are horrible to walk in lol. Oh well no pain no gain x