Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I can BB your hero baby x

Hi there blossoms

As you all know I have had a reaction to something and now my face is very red, dry and flaky. I have been good and not tried to hide it with make up (Had to deal with so many people asking "What is wrong with your face?!" Rude much hehe). 
However  I was going out and wanted to calm down the redness so I tried using Garnier Miracle skin perfector BB cream. I have had this for ages but rarely use it, as I just like to put foundation on. I thought of using this as it wouldn't be as harsh as foundation, it would add moisture and calm down any marks and blemishes. 

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream - Currently £6.99 in Boots/Superdrug (Usually £9.99)

Top - before
Bottom - after
You can't really tell from the pictures but it definitely worked! You might be able to make out that I had a dark ring below my eye on the cheekbone and a very red and sore nose.The BB cream relieved this and made it a lot less harsh, it also calmed down the appearance of the blemishes and beauty spots that I have on my check, making my face nearly all the same tone.  The best thing is that it didn't make the dry patches worse, it just gently moisturised them and didn't sting at all as some creams do. Generally I find that if you put foundation over dry skin it makes it a lot more noticeable, drier and flakes off after a short period of time. Overall I was very pleased with how my skin felt and looked while I had this product it on. My savior!!!! 

Lots of love my dolls

Chloe x

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