Thursday, 26 February 2015

Clearing Up My Acne

I am going to cut straight to the point here and say that about 6 months ago my acne completely broke out as I came off of the combined pill (not to have babies). For quite a while I hated my life and was so tempted to give in a go back on the pill. However I finally have it under control and I believe it is all down to my current skincare routine. I have been using Salcura Antiac Daily Face Wash, Origins Out of Trouble MaskPalmers Cocoa Butter Lotion and Skinetica Toner.
I know that these products are all a bit random but it's just what I have been using and they work for me. The first product I will talk about is the Origins Out of Trouble 10 minute mask. This is not a product I would normally buy as it is a bit out of my price range, £23, but I was sucked in by the sales assistant in selfridges and I couldn't say no. I am so glad I bought it, I try to use it twice a week when I remember and it seems to have helped really clear up my face. I am actually applying it as I write this blog post. The texture is thick, smooth and creamy. It is very easy to apply and feels great. It isn't artificially fragranced which is a big bonus, it just sort of smells like clay so isn't too bad. After the mask has dried and you wash it off, it can leave my skin feeling a tiny bit dry, therefore a moisturiser is essential afterwards. This mask has been amazing, it's not strong or overpowering, feels gentle on the skin and is brilliant for acne sufferers. 
The next product I will talk about is the Salcura Antiac Daily Face Wash, this is a brand you probably have never heard of. I bought this as I saw an advert on YouTube stating it was good for acne sufferers and you could buy it for a trial price of 99p. I ordered it straight away as you can't really go wrong for that amount of money. The first time I tried this face wash I did think it was a bit harsh on my skin and quite strong. It left my skin feeling dry and tight, however not flaky dry and it did feel very clean. I decided to persist and try it for a few weeks and I am very glad I did. This face wash really cleared up any break outs I had and stopped any new breakouts from appearing. I have had only a few spots since which is brilliant. The texture is very thin and liquidy, so is easy to apply and fast working. The whole Antiac range sounds amazing so I really want to give some of the other products a go.
As I said above the other two products left my skin feeling particularly dry and I couldn't find my moisturiser one night before bed. Being very tired I just grabbed my small bottle of Palmer Cocoa Butter, which I am sure is meant to be for your body, and put a load on my face anyways. I know that this is probably going against everything every beauty guru as ever done but let me just say that I woke up and my face had never felt so soft. It was completely moisturised, not dry or flaky at all and as soft as a babies bum. Palmers cocoa butter has always been a product that I have loved, mostly because of the amazing chocolate smell, but I had never thought to use it on my face. I don't think it has any harsh ingredients and they do not say that you can't use it on your face so I don't see the problem. The results were great for me so I have been using it as my daily moisturiser ever since and it's completely inexpensive. 
My final product is Skinetica, which I won't go on about for ages as most people know all about it. Basically Skinetica is an anti blemish toner and makeup base, a good all round product. It seems to do the job well and is a nice product to use in your daily skin care routine. I used it first a few years ago as there was a lot of hype about it and then stopped for ages. As I had this recent breakout I decided to give it another go and I would say it did help clear my spots and keep my skin clean. However one thing I would say about Skinetica is that it doesn't last long and gets used up very quickly. I enjoyed using it again but it only lasted just over a month, it actually ran out a few weeks ago now and I haven't repurchased. My skin hasn't really changed much therefore I will only repurchase if my skin gets very bad again. 

Touch wood my face has been clear for a couple of months now, the scars are healing slowly and I have only had a few spots. 

Thanks for reading

Chloe x 

P.S. Please let me know any holy grail acne prevention products you have tried.

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Jerome Russell Bblonde Platinum Toner

I love having Blonde hair however there is a lot of upkeep to keep it looking pristine. One thing that most blondes suffer from is brassy yellow tones after dying, therefore you need to use a toner to get rid. I have recently been using the Jerome Russell Bblonde Platinum Toner* and in short my hair has never looked so bright.
Since I have been dying my hair blonde, the yellow tones have gone up and down. Sometimes they are bad, sometimes it hasn't bothered me. Most of the time you won't really notice until you see a nasty photo of you with bright yellow hair. Using a toner every so often doesn't really take too long so is worth the effort. I am the most laziest of people when it comes to my hair and will often let my roots grow beyond belief, however using this toner was very easy and I would definitely carry on.
I applied the toner to damp hair and left it covered up in a shower cap for about 20 minutes. I didn't use any heat on it which it does recommend you do but as I said before I am a bit lazy. After washing the product off I didn't notice too much of a difference so was originally disappointed and thought I should of followed the instructions and left it on longer. However the next day I took a nice long walk in the forest with the dogs, took a selfie obviously, and my hair looked amazing. It has never been such a brighter white/platinum shade and I bloody loved it. I couldn't wait to post up my selfie and show everyone. Basically I think in unnatural lighting hair never really looks any different, but as soon as you step outside its a whole different ball game.
The day after toning
About 3 weeks after toning
The product is a bright purple liquid, there is a lot in the bottle, easy to apply and doesn't smell bad at all. It contains no ammonia or peroxide and is non permanent so I actually think it is that bad for your hair. It is meant to last upto 8 weeks and I would say that it lives upto that as I used mine a couple of months ago and is still a nice cool blonde. It's not as platinum as it turned at first however there are no signs of brassyness which is most important.

All the Jerome Russell blonding products are fantastic, check out the range here

Thanks for reading

Chloe x 

P.S. What are your tips for keeping away brassy yellow tones? 

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Nanshy Marvel Makeup Blending Sponge

If you haven't heard of Nanshy then where have you been? They are a brand which makes cruelty free makeup brushes and tools, which are all 100% vegan and PETA approved. Following the Bloggers Love Twitter Party I was sent their Marvel 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge to try out. I have only tried one other blending sponge before which I didn't really get on with nor was I that impressed. However this one from Nanshy has completely has changed my life. £5.95
Let me just start off by saying this is probably the best product I have used to apply and blend in my foundation. It was incredibly easy, made a tiny bit of foundation go a very long way and left a flawless finish. I used the sponge damp with my Mac Studio Fix fluid and my Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish which are both full coverage foundations. I just run the sponge under the tap, it soaks up a lot of water so doubles in size and then you ring it out so it's not dripping wet. The foundation then doesn't sink into the sponge and spreads effortlessly across your face. I don't wipe it, I use more of a dabbing motion. This spreads the make up well into all areas of the face and I love the finish as it creates a very thin layer of foundation but completely full coverage. As the sponge is damp I feel that it is a lot less harsh on the dryer area's of my face, where a brush can sometimes make dry skin flake off. Honestly after application it barely felt like I was wearing foundation, I really do love this sponge and now do not want to use anything else. 

I cannot comment on how it feels using different foundations or on different skin types however I don't think it would change much. I think this sponge is a brilliant tool and you will find it difficult not to get on with it. It has different shaped area's like a flat edge, round, point to get into different area's of the face however I don't really take much notice of what side I am using as you can just press it into these area's. This sponge is a bargain at only £5.95, so much cheaper than a lot of brushes. I know that sponges do have to be replaced more often but at that price I will definitely be purchasing another one after. 

For more information about the sponge and other products check out the Nanshy website here or on Twitter


Chloe x 

P.S. What is your opinion on makeup sponges? 

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Friday, 13 February 2015

Lush Valentines Event

Last week me and 3 other bloggers attended a small event at Lush* in Lakeside Shopping Centre, Essex, to have a look at their new Valentines Day collection. You may remember I attended their Christmas range event a few months back, so I was very excited to go to this event. I also vlogged this event which you can watch below. 
What can I say? All the products look absolutely beautiful, the epitome of love and valentines, and they also smell very nice too. They are all quite floral which is not something I would normally go for. but now I have smelt them all I can't wait to try out the products. I love how beautiful they look, red and pink, glittery and very girly, they can make you feel very special. Whether you are staying in, going out or spending the day with friends, these products will make your bath time before or after very special. 

The Love Locket was my favourite bath bomb as it was huge, smelt amazing and fizzed like crazy. Inside is a secret little heart and loads of heart confetti so is the perfect treat for a romantic bath. Heart Throb is also a favourite of mine, I love how it looks like a little red heart sandwich squishing heaps of gold glitter together, it also contains shea butter to make your skin silky soft!
The cupids love soap shape is such a brilliant idea, I love Lush's creative idea's as they make the products very quirky. The soap smells great and also has white heart running through the middle. Check out my vlog below for a funny photo of me holding the arrows!
Let me tell you the lip products are to die for, they smell like fresh fruity strawberries and good enough to eat! 

We also had a look at their new massage bars which are perfect for a valentines night with that certain someone, I will definitely be forcing my boyfriend to give me a long back massage (although knowing him it will never happen and I will be the one giving the massage *sad face*). They all smell absolutely incredible, my favs are Soft Coeur (which smells like white chocolate and honey) and Strawberry Feels Forever. And the staff at Lush also gave us a quick cheeky massage which was lovely!

Lastly they showed us their new shampoo bars which are brilliant. I bought New a few months back and think it's amazing, I will do a blog post soon. I have to say they smell amazing and last for ages, upto 100 washes! I picked up lullaby as it's meant to help you sleep, which I think is great for meas I mostly shower in the nighttime. I also love the smell of the coffee one, Copperhead, which I am tempted to by next when I change my hair colour as it contains henna and is better for dark hair. 
If you haven't already get yourself down to Lush and check out their valentines day range to give yourself a nice little pamper before or after you go out. Or if your looking for a present for a loved one, I don't think any girl would be unhappy if you bought her something from this range!!!

Watch my vlog here:

Lots of love and kisses

Chloe x

P.S. Have a great Valentines Day, let me know what your plans are!

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

SlenderToxTea Review

If you read my post about my Goals for 2015 then you will know that I have been trying to get my body together, get fitter and eat cleaner this year. When I was given the opportunity to try out a detox tea from SlenderToxTea* I was extremely excited as I thought this would make a great start in working towards my goals. What better way to start living a healthy lifestyle than to get out all the rubbish first? Well here is what I thought, this post might be a bit TMI for some people so sorry in advance! £19.99
On the first day I brewed the daytox and the sleeptox for 3 minutes each, I felt nothing but to be honest I didn't actually think I would feel any different or expect anything to happen. I probably should have read the website more or reviews first as I didn't predict what was going to happen. I genuinely thought that the tea would just nicely detox my inside and I would not see it. I don't mind the taste of the tea, I wouldn't choose it and it isn't the nicest herbal tea but it's tolerable. However on the second day everything changed. I brewed the day tea for 3 minutes again and still felt no different. However later on in the day I had really bad stomach cramps while I was at work and lets just say I went to the toilet 8 times over the course of that evening!!! And we are not talking about going for a wee... I normally go to the toilet for a number 2 once a day so for me this was horrendous. I now know that it was the tea and everything bad was coming out but at the time I didn't even realise the tea could do this, so I thought it was just all the fruit I had been eating. I had a look on twitter and it seemed that a lot of other people experienced similar symptoms. Basically it is a laxative tea and will make you go to the toilet until there is nothing left. 
The next day I decided that I couldn't have another day like the previous but I did still want to carry on with the detox. Therefore I decided to only brew the tea for 1 minute instead (SlenderToxTea recommend you brew for 3-5 minutes so this is well under). I know that the toilet experience is all part of it but I was hurting so badly and I just couldn't deal with it, especially working in a small office! I carried on brewing the tea for between 1-2 minutes everyday for the remainder of the detox. I then didn't experience much at all. Every now and then I would get some stomach cramps and I just carried on going to the toilet my usual once a day. This lead me to believe that the tea probably wasn't working now but I didn't really care as I wasn't going to spend another day running to the bathroom. On the last day, as it was a weekend, I decided to go for it and brew both the day time and night time tea for 3 minutes again. Although it wasn't as bad as the first time, I did wake up in the middle of the night in so much pain from stomach cramps but my body didn't even need to go to the loo. I did manage to get back to sleep and was finally able to go for a number 2 the following morning. After that the stomach cramps stopped.

Overall I wouldn't say that this tea-tox was worth the hassle. I didn't lose any weight (not that I needed/wanted to) and didn't feel overally different. Apparently it is meant to reduce water retention but I don't really think it made much of a difference. My skin does look a lot better recently which this tea can help but I don't believe it was from the tea as I am also using a new acne cleanser. I would say that I probably would have experienced better results if I brewed the tea for 3 minutes everyday but after going through all that pain and aggravation on the toilet, I was totally put off. In my opinion if you want to lose weight you should have a healthy balanced diet and live an active lifestyle. If you want to detox your body then just drink more water and maybe juices but the body does get rid of toxins in it's own time so nothing will stay in your system forever. 

Thanks for reading

Chloe x

P.S. Have you tried a tea-tox recently? I would love to know your experience. 

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Everyday Makeup and Kylie Jenner lip tutorial

I have filmed an updated everyday make up tutorial for you and also added a over lined Kylie Jenner 90's nude lipstick tutorial. I used Mac Soar lipliner and Velvet Teddy lipstick which is apparently the products Kylie uses. This is my easy and quick go to look everyday which looks great and only takes 10 minutes.

Thanks for watching

Chloe x 

P.S. Sorry for the lack of videos recently but life has been quite stressful, I have one ready to upload this week! 

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